"The Pictures are so so fantastic!! Brilliantly shots. Creative shots. Blown Away Shots. You really did an amazing job!! Thank you so much!!"


-Adina & Uri

Just finished viewing the full set of pictures. They are so awesome!!
Benjamin is a very talented photographer and we had a blast working with him. He combines having an awesome experience, capturing great shots, and the making our day so easy and smooth. After the simcha, everyone was telling me how awesome you were! You really cared about EVRY SINGLE shot. 
We couldn't thank you more!
-Michelle P.

I was obsessed with every picture and literally want to hang them all! He was such a pleasure to deal with. I will definitely use Benjamin for all my family simchas!!!!



Binyamin, I just have to tell you I'm obsessed with all the pics! They're gorgeous!!


-Nechama Z.

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