People often ask Benjamin why should they hire and trust someone so young. Benjamin strongly believes that the youth display a more enthusiastic nature and attitude towards clients, in addition to being more creative and daring when capturing your big day. Recognizing the endless amount of energy and diligence teenagers contain, Benjamin decided to channel it revolutionizing and innovating the luxurious event photography industry. He takes his job very seriously and considers it his top priority, ensuring his clients the production of great work.


The passion is known to be strong with the youth, and Benjamin loves what he does, and continues to work on creating the most refreshing styles of photography for his clients, “Being young is only a benefit” Benjamin says, “we are fresh and want to prove everyone else that WE CAN do it! We know what is trendy, because we are the generation that determines the trends.”


It is the goal of Benjamin and his team to capture every single little detail, and transform it into creative artistic images.

Benjamin and his team all put in a huge effort to creative images that are unique and exclusive for only their clients in-hand with a luxurious experience. Benjamin only accepts limited clients, to guarantee a personal relationship with all of them, and prides himself in employing staff who exemplify approachable, talented photographers, ensuring to deliver a pleasurable and luxurious experience. Asides from the very best and personalized experience with Benjamin, the photographs produced will be astonishing. Catering to all styles, Benjamin and his team put in all their effort to capture the most artistic, creative and modern shots, followed by an editing post production process - which Benjamin calls the “magic” of it all. All photos have a beautiful and distinctive style to them, that will tell over and help relive the memories of your special day. Quality is one of our top priorities; delivering the photos as soon as we can, without sacrificing anything. Creating the art that matches our clients vision, and providing an experience like no other.


Photography is a future investment, make sure you put your money where the returns will be the greatest, and you get the experience with the quality you payed for.